hoodratscumbags LP & T-Shirt Preorder Bundle

hoodratscumbags LP & T-Shirt Preorder Bundle

$25.00 was

Preorder bundle featuring hoodratscumbags Vinyl LP, a "Vatos Tristes" T-Shirt and Instant Grat tracks "Vatos Tristes" and "Hunny Bunnies"!

Translucent Yellow Vinyl LP.


  1. A.M.
  2. Hunny Bunnies
  3. Vatos Tristes
  4. Chunti
  5. HRSB
  6. Artificial Flowers
  7. The End
  8. Miedo
  9. Chillón
  10. El Sol

* This is an album preorder with an intended release date of September 21, 2018. Your order will ship on or before this date (please note that due to plant delivery times, this date may be subject to change). It is recommended that if you wish to purchase other non-preorder items, you should do so in a separate order as all items placed alongside this pre-order will ship with this order. *